My 2016: Princess


They say a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.

My name is Princess and I am from northern Nigerian. I am a dancer,makeup artist,hairstylist and compere/mc in the making hehehehehehehe, I have to sell my market *winks*

Now let’s start with January…

I was not too excited about 2016 at first because I felt it was going to be the same as every other year. I had a minor accident january 2nd and that really confirmed my fears about the year. Work resumed on the 4th and I decided to carefully see how the year would turn out


I’ve shuttled between school and work for over 5 years, always on the road, unable to differentiate between weekends and week days, waking up early and sleeping late and commuting from gwagwalada to Abuja town and back.
As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, by April my rent expired and my landlord was breathing down my neck to either pay or move out. I had already been planning to move back to town, the timing just wasn’t right. I ended up moving out and squatting with friends(good friends) for almost 3 months. I finally got a place, though moving became a challenge because I no longer had friends with cars who could help. Eventually, I moved.

By the end of July it was time for final exams. It was rough but the fact that these were the final exams, renewed my strength and made me push harder. A week into my exams, I was taking a power nap so I could stay up to read when I felt something moving on my head and there was a big, dirty looking, black lizard on my head! I jumped off the bed, thinking it was a rat (I’m 100% scared of rats 🙈🙈).


3 days later, I was asleep at a friend’s place after a long day at work. I covered myself with a blanket and then there was a scorpion in that same blanket! I was angry but I had to keep going and finally, in August, after 1 year of remedial studies and 5 years of the proposed 4 year course, I was done with school.

I took a step years back and never followed through because I allowed procastination overwhelm me. I wrote down some goals and dumped them somewhere…I never cared to pursue them or give them extra attention. At that time, I unconciously started losing interest in a lot  things. I became depressed and was gradually succumbed to low self esteem. I started seeking attention and advice from people but instead of helping me regain my strength and confidence, I got critcised, discouraged and the “you are not good enough” response.


I then decided to pick myself up, I went back to my goals and became my own encouragement, my own competition, to do it myself, to go out of my way to make my goals a reality. I hosted more events, I got more jobs(dance,makeup,hair)travelled to 5 new states in Nigeria, attended more seminars,workshops and trainings,lost old friends but made new and positive minded friends. I even got stronger in decision-making and conquered procastination. I did things more with God than with friends and trust me, it paid off.

I was so excited about 2016 to the point that I wished it was a bit longer*wink*

But growth is inevitable :). My mind is more open now and I am ready to explore some more.


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