My 2016: Blessing (Einsteinette)

It all started at midnight. On the 31st of December, my mother insisted that she wanted to crossover in church as she always did. We got to church and the usual Abuja Harmattan breeze was freezing. I tried to concentrate but it was not working. I had just had a tired day, in fact,  a tired year.

2015 had beat the hell out of me but it gave me rewards.  I lived on my own,  had a 6 figure monthly salary fresh out of NYSC,  learned more about the rural areas and the abject poverty people were exposed to and had learned more skills than any other year. I was still reminiscing when the pastor noticed people were sleeping and asked the choir to lead the church in Praise.


As the habitual yearly crossover took place,  my mind wandered to my goals. I had set them a week before December31, 2015. I was not a big fan of resolutions. I believed change was a journey not a magical wish.  I pondered on ways I had failed in 2015 but resolved to fix those shortcomings.

My thoughts were interrupted by the countdown to 1st of January2016. I joined in and by the stroke of midnight,  we were dancing and screaming. My phone buzzed with text messages, calls and the ever annoying business but deep inside my heart,  I knew there was more to 2016 than all these shenanigans. 

2016 was  the busiest,  riskiest, most adventurous year of my life. I thought 2015 was my biggest teacher but 2016 smashed 2015 like incredible hulk smashed Loki.

My key lessons of 2016 were simple but extremely relevant and guiding:

– independence comes at a price of responsibility.
-as you grow,  you will lose friends because no matter how you try 20 friends cannot play together for 20years. Don’t feel guilty when you can’t keep in touch with everyone. You don’t need the whole world to be friends with you.
– Your network is more valuable than money. Build a strong one and never joke with that network.
– Reading is important.  Knowledge is vital but without action,  you are just a decorative tree that has no fruit. Put your words and knowledge into action and demand of life what you want from it
– your determination and ability to solve people’s problems will take you places. Stop thinking about what people can do for you. Think of what you can do for people.
– social media is vital. Never underestimate its power
– Be financially responsible and work on developing skills and reinventing yourself
– Never be afraid to ask. The worst that can be said is no and it doesn’t kill. Biko follow me on Twitter and Instagram @@ms_einsteinette and I am looking to meet Chimamanda in 2017.If you have a link,  connect me. (I just asked)

-No more free service except reasonable value is in sight. If people want your service,  it means you’re good and should be well compensated financially for it.  

I learned more lessons and I am going into 2017 better than I was 365 days ago. I’d most likely share my 2017 journey with you(with Isys’ permission of course) but hey, be action driven this year.
If you are an entrepreneur my gift to you this season is: the
(you’re Welcome).
Own 2017.



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