Music Review: Jarell

Music Review: Jarell

All or Nothing- Jarell

I saved this review that I may do it justice.

I’ve had ‘All or nothing’ playing on a loop for a little over week now and that in itself is proof that the song is gold.

Jarell’s music bears the simplicity and depth common to artists who understand that a message requires nothing more than truth to hit home. His voice has a silky smooth tone that could melt a heart of stone much like Tracy Chapman but with a softness that evokes warmth.


The song speaks of the love artists yearn to share with that special person while struggling to be recognized for their craft.

The one line that stayed with me was ‘ I only get paid with exposure, it’s really hard when no one knows you’.

It sucks that the truly talented ones have to struggle way harder than the mediocre lot but I guess once it pays off, it’s always worth it.

If you think Jarell sounds amazing, you should try listening to him live, I bet you’d be swaying and swooning just like I was when he played at my best friend’s wedding.

OK, I’m done gushing

Listen and tell me what you think




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