Movie Review: The Tribunal

I would like to start by saying that Kunle Afolayan has majorly dropped the ball this year with his film making. This particular review has been a long time coming .


The Tribunal is a film centered on the discrimination faced by albinos in the work place. Ifeanyi Umoh, is a young banker who has been relieved of his duties as a result of his boss who, according to Ifeanyi, has a huge disapproval of albinos. He hired himself a lawyer and set out to get justice and hopefully his job back.

First of all, this is a subject matter relevant to the Nigerian society, one that has never really been addressed. However, the film did not quite have as much of an impact as I would have liked. The story fell flat leaving us with little reason to stay awake.

The film had more dialogue than action and cast like Omotola Jolaade seemed to only present to give sultry stares, glances and smirks. It almost felt as though she had been cast in a silent film.


Ade Laoye did her character justice and played her role to the fullest of what she was given to work with as a young, enthusiastic and passionate lawyer. Also worth commending is new comer Damilola Ogunsi as Ifeanyi Umoh.   He played the frustrated employee to the ‘t’ and was able to draw some emotion towards his character. Sadly, other cast fell flat as the movie gave very little to depth to them and left us hanging on to unending dialogue.

The Tribunal is a movie that could have been quite the drama had more thought been put into the details, story telling and directing. I do hope Kunle Afolayan can make a decent come back as this has definitely damped my expectations.













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