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The Adventures of Isys Drain: There is a Lunatic in every town

The Adventures of Isys Drain: There is a Lunatic in every town

There is a Lunatic in every town

I figured it would be kind of weird to write about something you are responsible for because you don’t get the chance to be an actual spectator but I guess despite the view I got, it was my adventure nonetheless.

‘There is A Lunatic in every town’ is a collection of poetry by my dear friend Bash Amuneni and is his first book. It is a book that appeals to the senses and brings to light the truth behind an average Nigerians state of mind, the socio political state of our country and the emotions we lay bare before one another. Each poem is like a piece of a puzzle and I was honoured to have read the manuscript and also plan the launch.

I had told Bash this event had to be different from what people were used to and as a spoken word artist he had to do justice to his craft. To my pleasure he gave me creative freedom and with each day, we worked hard to bring his book to life.

We hand picked some of the most talented people in Abuja to  take the stage and by the day of launch, amidst all the things running through my head, I was sure it would be a hit and it was.

From an array of poets doing pieces from the book to singers and instrumentalists birthing songs of the same name, the art that flowed was more than words could describe. When the words would not seize, dance took over and love was birthed in the piece called ‘These things you do to me’. As the end drew near, I was ecstatic and when it was my turn to sing I was happy and I let it rip. ( modesty would do a grave injustice to the show,lol)

At the end of it all, it was a success (despite the hitches). Books and tees were sold, contacts were shared, donations were made and I could breathe at last. The madness of the whole project proved that Bash was right, indeed ‘There is a Lunatic in every town’. 

An Open Letter to Don Jazzy

An Open Letter to Don Jazzy

Dear Don Jazzy,

Don Jazzy

I happen to be a huge fan of your work as business man and a lover of music mostly. You have proven that you genuinely know how to run a record label properly, despite the constraints Nigeria and its entertainment industry has but that’s not what this is about.

You have conquered mainstream, first with D’banj, who had no idea how much value you were adding to his career and then with the likes of Tiwa and Dr Sid. You took on the next generation and slayed with your triplets, Korede, Reekado and Dija, though I feel Reekado could use a bigger push and Dija is yet find herself fully. Nonetheless, no one could’ve pulled it off the way you did, so #wehdonesir

This letter however is about the new genres you are about to dabble into. The alternative music scene. It’s not about noisemakers and headbanging jams, it’s about quality content, depth and a true appreciation of the essence of music. I know you love music, it’s written all over your face when you talk about it.

I choose to believe this was a smart business move because you saw an opportunity in the market with alternative music and pray you make the most of it.

All I ask is that you stay true to the sound of the artists you’ve signed and by artists, I mean Johnny Drille and Poe.

Both Johnny and Poe are unique and extremely talented. If packaged and managed well they have the potential to change the game completely. Producers like Atta Lennel Otigba and Cobhams would know exactly what to do to bring out the best in them and there’s a huge niche market awaiting good content like that.

But what do I know? I’m just a music critic, talent manager and PR somborri. You’re the music mogul, I just want to still be able to listen to Johnny and Poe, whether they are with Mavin or not because I’m a die hard fan of both.

Who knows, maybe someday I’ll get to meet you, Don Baba Jay. For now accept my plenty grammar and keep being a baddo. The industry needs you

Lots of love,

Isys Drain

There’s a Lunatic in Every Town

There’s a Lunatic in Every Town

There’s A Lunatic in every town

There is a Lunatic in every town‘ is a collection of poems by one off Abuja’s most respected performance poets, Bash S. Amuneni. An avid lover and promoter of the arts, Bash has a worked tirelessly to express his views on humanity, the everchanging sociopolitical climate of his country Nigeria and love, in his book which is sectioned into three parts, Resonance, Intimacy and The Human Condition

His style is tempered with a subtle directness that amuses you yet brings you to terms with an undeniable reality through words. 

His use of both English, coloured with native terms brings his work closer to home and exports his culture beyond borders.

Bash S. Amuneni  has a degree in Architecture. He is an Essayist, Performance Poet and has 8 years’ experience as a Banker in a top Nigerian Bank.  His first spoken word poetry album – “Freedom”, was launched in September, 2015. The body of work is laced in love, intimacy and folklore.

Bash is a TEDx speaker and has performed poetry at various platforms around the Country- from the Nigerian Youth Summit, 2016, at “Bring Back Our Girls” (BBOG) campaigns in Abuja and the Lagos International Poetry Festival 2016. His poems have been published in some National Dailies and International Magazines. He is a member of the Abuja Literary Society, Abuja Writers Forum, Association of Nigerian Authors, Abuja and one of the figures behind the Open Mic Movement- Freedom Hall Nigeria, which supports alternative music and poetry. He love to draw and paint in his free time.

‘There is a Lunatic in every town’ is set to be launched on 26th March, 2017 at the Raw Materials Research and Development Center, Aguiyi Ironsi, beside NCC, Maitama by 3pm.

Entrance is free and the book, album and merchandise will be available for sale at the venue.

Falling by Fati Baita

Falling by Fati Baita

http:/ by Fati Baita

You don’t want to fall

You don’t want to let me in, he said

Why are you so guarded, why put up a wall?

Let me in, so I can love you

Love you from the inside out, love your broken peices back together

Love away every hurt and pain

Love away the memories of those lovers who hurt you.
You have never been loved wholly 

You have never been loved completely 

You have never been the one Woman a man has truely loved 

That’s why you have this wall, that is why you are afraid.

I’m different he told her.
My word is my bond
Let me love you, I promise it won’t hurt.

Let me love you, I swear it’s nothing like you’ve ever felt before.

Let me love you and all your flaws.

Fall for me….. 

I swear I’ll catch you

Fall hard for me, I won’t drop your heart.
……….. and I fell.


…repositioning dance in Nigeria…



Lagos is set to play host to dancers and choreographers from Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Kaduna, Bamako, Tunis, Maputo, Washington and Paris, in a major dance gathering the country is yet to witness this year. 

The QDanceCenter, a brainchild of Nigeria’s foremost dance export, Qudus Onikeku, is back this year with the debut edition of danceGATHERING | Lagos Contemporary Dance Festival. This mammoth project has garnered the support of the National Theatre, Institut Français, Goethe Institut and has been adopted by the Lagos @50 committee under the chairmanship of Prof. Wole Soyinka. 

The danceGATHERING is a two-phased project with a two-week long dance lab (20 Feb. – 5 March 2017) followed by a five day dance festival (1 – 5 March 2017) in various venues around Lagos. 

The artistic director of the festival, Onikeku, made it known through a statement that “the artistic directorial style of danceGATHERING 2017 proposes MOVEMENT as a major character, not solely a thing to be watched, but something that allows our audience to be jostled, activating different hotspots for dance in the breathtaking city of Lagos, making a deliberate action of turning the entire city into our play area.” 

He further noted that “Because the city (of Lagos) is already noisy and fast and surreal, and dramatic with constant movements, I have curated a program, which rotates between 10 venues around Lagos, both in conventional spaces as well as improvised spaces. In a span of five days, we shall create an opportunity for our audience to step out of their comfort zones and move with the flow, going against traffic from Ikoyi (QDanceCenter, Omenka gallery, BogoBiri, JazzHole), to Iwaya, back to Lagos island (City Hall Rooftop), then Victoria Island (Revolving Art Incubator, Silverbird Galleria), to a stop in Bariga (Crown troupe, Mbari Mbayo arts center) and Surulere (Corporate Dance World), before culminating at the National Theatre Iganmu. ”

Lagosians will witness an outpour of dance performances, exhibitions, international creative collaborations and exchanges including DANCING CITIES and CROSSINGS, amongst others. The gathering also aims to provide an array of opportunities for dancers across the country.
The festival will close at the National Theatre, with works by Onikeku himself along side a host of others, in collaboration with one of Nigeria’s leading theatre directors, Makinde Adeniran (of Saro, the musical).

danceGATHERING is the first of its kind in Nigeria and arguably West Africa, and we invite YOU to be part of this history-making event from February 20th to March 5th, 2017.