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Do not blame Nigeria

Do not blame Nigeria


Do not blame Nigeria, it is nothing but a name forced upon a people yet to find their identity. The name was created as a collective noun, we accepted as a people without embracing it’s true purpose but why blame the white man for naming a country out of convenience?

Before he arrived did we not all co-exist within different regions, aware of each others existence maintaining peaceful harmony? Did we not spar as is normal human nature without his interference but still live together on the same piece of land with no borders? 

The white man saw us as a resource to use to his advantage as we sow seeds that we may reap, why then can we not use ourselves to our own advantage in his absence and learn to build on the things we already had?

I know everyone will jump to defend us as a nation but how many of you truly defend the nation? How many of you see a Nigerian as a nigerian and not a tribal man? We wail about racism but are as bad as the racists we race after for acceptance and acknowledgement but I digress.

Before the white man we had our farms, he came and turned them into plantations, he left and we abandoned our farms to search for the white man and not for growth of the resources he sought that fed us. He came to educate, divide and conquer us, we chose the religion and abandoned the knowledge that could have made us a great entity. We understood trade by barter but exchanged it with hunger for money while the resources it could buy died, leaving us with nothing but greed to survive.

He saw the value in our art and culture and harvested it for exhibitions while we abandoned our pride to become who he was. And we wonder why we are where we are.


The road to success is not a straight one, you have to take the stairs but we focused on the results of the white man and not on the work he put in.

We need to look back and ask ourselves ‘what did we have that the white man wanted and how can use it to our advantage?’

Our farms must feed us again, our culture must entertain us once more, our value lies in appreciating who we are. So what if we’re stuck with a word that defines our boundaries and gives us an identity.

Don’t blame Nigeria, it is nothing but a name forced upon a people, yet to understand that their strength lies within .

By Ife Adediran

Editor: Isys Drain



So today it dawned on me just how badly the current state of the Nigerian economy is affecting everyone around me.
I had my own meltdown six weeks ago but God and the great people He has blessed me with, helped me snap out of it.


These really are tough times for everyone right now and to be frank I get it. The dollar keeps going up like an antique on auction, the fuel scarcity is rendering everyone immobile and the stifled cash flow is forcing people to strap up and count their pennies.


It’s downright depressing but here’s what I’ll say.

Take a deep breath, think about everything you do have and have achieved despite this harsh situation and smile.


Be happy and thankful that you are alive and healthy.
Don’t worry about the things you can’t change and appreciate the things you can. Focus on being the best you can be and share these moments with people that lift you up and encourage you.

Are you stuck at home with nothing to do? Find a new hobby, read a book, join fitfam and start working out. bottom line, be happy!


It may be hard but look at it this way, no matter how bad it gets, there’s always some one else that’s got it way worse than you do. Besides, sometimes it gets worse before it gets better but it will definitely get better. So, look forward to it, be hopeful and remember ( in Sia’s voice) you’re never fully dressed without a smile.


With love,
Isys Drain