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Discovering Fura De Nunu

It has been months since I blogged and to be quite honest I feel I have lost my ability to express myself creatively or perhaps the need to.
Over the weekend though, I was asked to write a piece rather than edit it and found that the words came easily even though I was not in the least bit inspired.
I guess what’s yours never truly leaves you.
Anyway, after reading a post called ‘My first time’ , I’ve decided to do a 30 day writing challenge  smack in the middle of October, for me and hopefully what’s left of my audience.
This challenge has no theme, pattern or rules. Every post will be spontaneous, let the spirit lead and hopefully the words come forth.
Day 1: Discovering Fura De Nunu
First off, let me say that the word ‘Fura’ for some reason just sounds like it ought to be a bad word, at least to me. Thankfully, it is not.
For a long time I had no idea what on earth Fura De Nunu was and even after living in Abuja for almost ten years, I remained clueless.
However, on Saturday the 8th of October , the mystery of Fura was revealed to me! (embrace the dramatics, lol)
I was privileged to be at the launch of Northern life.ng , an online platform celebrating the culture and lifestyle of Northern Nigeria, as part of the team for the event. Now, unlike most events where it’s all about the passion and the pay, I was only in this for one thing, the food.
Feel free to judge, I am a bonafide foodie and pictures of northern food beautifully plated had reached us prior to the event. I had to try hard not to visibly drool at the sight of the food in those pictures even though my stomach did do a back flip. Bottom line, expectations were at an all time high.
 Anyway Saffron, the company responsible for the pre- chowing drool, arrived right on schedule and brought the food to life before my very before.
But magic didn’t happen until the food was served. Tofu salad, kwakwa-something in mini-pancakes, suya and skewered Masa, virgin mohito, the list was endless and  I , of course, was having multiple foodgasms. Then, I was handed this creamy looking drink  with a strawberry eyeing me from the edge of the glass and I thought, what could this be?  I tasted it and the untold secrets of my palate were revealed to me in an instant. Three things came to mind: yogurt, coconut and joy but alas this delicious thing had no name.
I rushed outside to find Madam Saffron herself and asked what this nameless concoction was called and she said to me with the wisdom of the Food gods, Isys this is Fura De Nunu.
My life, stomach and tongue found a new meaning that day. I had discovered the milky brew of the northern deities. Fura De Nunu, unraveling belle mysteries since pre-independence.