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Cheers to the New Year

Cheers to the New Year

OK, so 2017 is here and ‘My2016’ series continues because deadlines are like African time to Nigerians, consistent. Not that I’m complaining, I love my contributors.

That said, let’s get the New year motivational speech out of the way real quick. Yeah, the year is new; No ,you haven’t changed from black to white (unless you’re bobrisky) fat to thin or stupid to smart. You did however, make it into the New Year so, be thankful.

I would advise you to bury the ‘New year resolution’ idea, it is the longest lasting ponzi scheme ever liveth. All talk, no action, kinda like MMM. *dodges mmm bullets from the freshly scorned*

Bottom line, resolutions are never realistic and end, as quickly as spoken. Goals however, along with a plan to achieve them, are way more feasible. If you’ve never tried setting goals before then you may just end up stumbling through the year but here’s how I’d go about it, if I were you

– Identify the things that you want out the year

– Separate your wants from your needs ; now this is usually where the power tussle begins, but stay true to yourself no matter how depriving it might seem

– List your needs based on how achievable they are

– Set goals

– Then create plans to achieve them

Trust me, all the grammar above is easier said than done but you have to believe you can get through it and be downright stubborn about it, no matter what. It’s easy to blame people, the universe, the weather and even God for your failures but until you realise that the only obstacle between you and your goals is you, you will remain completely stagnant.

Oya, I’m done preaching. Here’s to the New Year and hope for great things to come. Amoshine!!! ( urgh I hope that guy doesn’t drop another ‘hit’ )


My 2016: Shola

​Place : Office, screen slightly turned away from the boss.  

Music: Stop & Stare by One Republic

*Skips YouTube ad*

I laugh every time people talk about New Year resolutions. I like to just go commando into the year and let every new thing surprise me. At least that is what I tell myself. The truth is you can’t start a new year without actually making plans of some sort and more importantly,  writing them down somewhere (usually a blog you write in just once a year)
So I dug deep into an old blog post and extracted three things I promised I would achieve in 2016. *hands gavel to the congregation*
First one was “Give Love a second chance”. Pretty typical yeah? I thought so too. I smashed this one out of the park. I didn’t stop at the second. I did the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eight (the last three all at once) with a lot of potential going into the holidays. Let’s just say it has been an incredibly busy year and *dies a little inside*love will come when it will come abeg. I will just go ahead and put that down as a carry-over.
Second One was “Get a challenging career”. So… imagine me in January right, new business suit, stepping out of my apartment going to a job I hoped would drain me mentally. I was expecting to be the guy always staring purposefully out of a window, rubbing killer ideas out of my chin just in time for the big presentation. I wanted it all and was willing to give it all. Name it…trips out of town, hours on the weekend, late nights in the office, pizza, coffee powered by 9 am’s on the island, more pizza…. You name it. Life as I’m sure you have guessed had other plans. I was so busy thinking about the actual job, I made a small miscalculation. My colleagues (who you must have noticed were not in the picture I just painted) went to the gym to run on the treadmill against accountability, others did sit-ups to improve their abdication *wink*, the rest simply did lifts to build biceps that will help them take plans apart and calves that will help then run home after doing that. Be careful what you wish for.
Third one was “Learn to walk like Samuel L. Jackson”. This I had to do because my mentor kept pointing out that I wouldn’t win boardrooms over because I had a terrible slouch. Samuel L Jackson because that has to be one of the best postured human beings on earth. I mean,  he swears a lot and appears to have anger issues in all his movies, but ever since I saw him walk down that hallway in Pulp Fiction,  I believed that anyone would buy anything from me if I walked like that. So yeah, got that one in the bag. I should probably mention that said mentor walked away and left me behind. 
Apart from trying to quit drinking and shamelessly getting hammered in the first week of February, I did pretty well, considering the economy. Being alive and sane at the end is the biggest victory of them all.

Oh and I already have plans for this year. And I feel pretty good about them too. 
In June 2017 I, will see Coldplay live. Spain, Cardiff, Paris, Rome…now that I think about it, I haven’t planned for anything as much as I have planned for this, so it must happen. I don’t care if it happens quietly or if I feature on daily mail being dragged by the police out of…you know what, I don’t want to talk about this. It will happen. That’s that.
Oh and in 2017 I will start a Motor Vlog. That’s pretty much all I have for now. I love surprises.


My 2016 : Toju

​MY 2016

After weeks of delay and Madam Isys dropping countless reminders about me missing my deadline, I find myself writing about my 2016 in the kitchen as I prepare okra soup with plenty pomo, smoked fish and iru. As I do this, I have before me a glass of chilled red wine and Falz’s and Simi’s Chemistry album playing in the background – the life ba? Don’t be deceived o! All na bleaching. 

So, how do I start this? My 2016, could be summarized in one word – FACKING RECESSION. Okay,  maybe two words. To what seems like a few weeks back, I remember writing about my 2015. Then, the US dollar to a naira was about $1 to N250 (and we were complaining) Obama was President, we thought Donald Trump was a clown and The artiste formally known as Prince was alive – imagine! 365 days is time enough to prove to us that,  we actually have little or no control over what the future might be. But seriously though, am I the only one that feels like this year  went by pretty fast? I digress, back to my 2016.

 I will give it to you straight, no sugar coating, this Baba Bu dispensation hasn’t been easy at all! In fact, I’m tempted to beg him to stop fighting this his ‘quaraption’  because if this is how corruption fights back, I concede. You haff win!

Well, the year started on a high, with lots of hopes and expectations, there was a plan, there were projects to be done and money to be made. Even though I don’t make new year resolutions, I was certain on one part of my life I wanted to work on – having a good saving plan. I was psyched, ready, gingered. Then somewhere there, right around the start of the second quarter of the year, like a thief in the afternoon, things started to do “wan kin wan kin”. I don’t think anyone “hexperedit”. Projects began to stall, many stopped and the phrase “everywhere is dry” was heard more often and just like that the plans were gone like “puff!”. We had to adjust and make new plans. 

The second, third and early part of the fourth quarter of the year got me feeling like Jack Bauer (dodging bullets and racing against time). Earlier in the year, I put up a picture on Instagram that read “Due to recent budget cuts, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off”, walahi talahi, it really felt like so but we kept at it (it wasn’t easy o) and by the final quarter of the year things started to come together. 

You know that part in the bible, that talks about God providing for his children? Well, you cannot argue with that. Somehow, things get to work out, it might not be the same way you might have planned it or at the same timeframe but you’ve gotta give it to the Big Guy upstairs, He sure does take care of His own. One of my songs of the year under review is Travis Greene’s “He’s Intentional” where he sings; “All things are working for my good”. Cool right?

On a much lighter and happier note, my closest friend got married November of 2016 and with that came my last Best man duty. Yes, I’ve thrown in the towel, don’t call me if you are looking for a best man, I’m done! As the wedding came to an end,  I felt like Jesus Christ just before He died right when He said “It is finished”. Oh yes, I was knighted ‘the king of boys’ by my friend’s uncle *rolls eye* (like I don’t know what that means) .

Anyways, all roads now lead to 2017 and I’m hoping that all the plans and investments made in 2016 mature this year (2017). We are not giving up, what could be worse than a recession? Don’t say it!!! 

My 2015 series: Ms Chiefe

Ms Chiefe has quite away with words, I loved this entry and I’m sure you will too…


When Isys asked me to contribute My 2015 I actually felt that she and God had colluded to make me put finger to keyboard and strategize about my near future.
Every year most people the world over realize one thing – it’s another end to another year in their lives. For some of these people, the year hasn’t been the best they’ve had. For others, a.k.a me, it’s been absolutely amazing! Not because everything I ever dreamed about 2015 came true – in fact, most of my goals didn’t even come near realization. But because in hindsight, being here now is an opportunity to be grateful for everything that’s happened and the wonderful lessons I’ve learned. I believe in gratitude, even in the bleakest of times. Besides, the more grateful you are, the more you open yourself up to life’s providence. Trust me, it happens.

Because I once read from a reliable source that having too many goals is actually detrimental to the outcome of goal setting, I’ve decided to list 16 things I think YOU should know about 2015 and 2016.
Achievements (2015)
Living in Lagos for a year – on purpose
No, I didn’t hate myself, I loved the challenge. At least I did at the time. Besides, the Nigerian Law School in Lagos is reputed to be “The Best” in Nigeria and I felt my odds of passing the Bar would be greatly increased. I was not wrong. Proof? People call me “Barrister” now… Besides, being in the heart of Victoria Island wasn’t bad either.
The main downside to that was the steady dose of antibiotics that came with sharing a toilet with over 400 other ladies during lectures, but I’ve definitely learned a lesson in the female anatomy and law.
Becoming a Barrister
I finally got called to the Nigerian Bar this year! And as much as I tolerate and enjoy being called Barrister and asked what drink I’m serving at the Bar by all and strangers, I know now that the end of the study of law is possible. One can’t almost believe it by looking at all the work, years of study and stress devoted to a profession that most will not practice fully.

To Forgive is Divine
I made the decision to forgive someone who I used to be repulsed by. For 3 years I held a grudge until time and distance made me realize that drinking cyanide and hoping the other person dies in the worse, most agonizingly ugly pain possible is wishful thinking. When I realized that I no longer felt any negative feelings except pity, I knew I had to take the first step to make things right. I called. We talked. And I moved on.

I’m dating a Great Guy
And he lives in Abuja! Apparently intelligent, caring and funny guys with ambition who want to settle down for the right reasons exist in the FCT. And he’s not threatened by an independently thinking young lady…slap me, somebody!

No Exams will Ever Be as Scary as the Bar Exams
After what the typical law student goes through in Law School, there’s no exam that scares me anymore. Ask anyone who’s passed the Bar. Not even the GMAT with its math questions or even ICSAN with its financial analysis can scare me now. As small as this achievement might seem, I know now that eliminating what could have been a lifetime of fear is over. The only issues are the time and money to study and pay for the exams.

Major Learning Points in 2015:
Absence Makes the Heart (and Hearth) Grow Fonder
Leaving home for a year to attend law school made me appreciate my family and friends back home in Abuja. I had to learn to think of life without some very important people around. While I’m thankful for the friends I gained in Lagos, I’m also thankful for those I didn’t lose in Abuja. And for those I did lose, Thank God.
Trusting God and Working Works
Faith without work is bullshit. Enough said.
Women’s Plumbing is Complicated
The day I realized blood could come out of a lady’s urethra is the day I knew that toilet issues don’t start and end with thrush. Good hygiene and really strong antibiotics are crucial for ladies in “overcrowded” situations. This means toilets, rooms and every other thing you can come up with.
Walking Out on an Idiot (or Two) is sometimes the Best Policy
Men can be great. Men can be annoying. And I’m sure the feeling is mutual. I learned never to let myself be “managed” by anyone who has to compartmentalize me in their lives. A growing up moment for me, then and there.

My Goals – The 2016 Edition
Begin a Masters program by September 2016
Whatever I decide to do here is up to me. A masters in international or criminal law (or both), an MBA or whatever I choose will define everything else I do from here on out. Can’t wait!
Make a profit of N2,000,000.00 by December 2016
This is obviously from someone who’s just out of school. Sounds a bit over the top, but it’s definitely possible. Having a solid savings plan and discipline to do this helps a lot, though.
Having a productive service year
The way the NYSC works, most young graduates get lost during the service year and have no foundation to stand on after. My career plan does not involve sitting at home doing nothing after youth service.
Start a SDG project that actually benefits the community
I may have lost out on all NYSC awards since I redeployed from Bauchi to Abuja for my service year, but I don’t have to be an award winner to be a Change maker. For this, I’d love to work with someone with a plan and a passion for actionable change.
Handle a court case from start to finish by December 20th 2016
Imagine, standing in court prosecuting or defending a brief from the beginning to end in full legal costume (Believe me, the wig and gown IS a costume).
Get the Victoria Secret Model Body by April 4th 2016
This would be check marked by the presence of 6 packs abs, a great bum and killer legs. I’ve already got the foundation so this shouldn’t take long. Then again, it could take never.

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It’s the first day of the New Year. I stopped making new year resolutions ages ago and replaced them with goals.

The ultimate goal is to ensure 2016 is a million times better than 2015. My goals, I won’t share but how to achieve them well

• Identify them, keep them realistic and set time
• Ensure every day has its set goals, each day has to be productive
• Build relationships you can leverage on that will add value to you
• Cut off relationships that hold you back, tie you down or make you a version of yourself you’d rather not be
• Spend less than you earn, Earn more than you spend, save and invest
• Read, study, invest and improve your mind. You are what your mind can create, express and develop so build it till it becomes more than a weapon
• Do not procrastinate and do not become your own distraction
• Concentrate on being a better idea daily
• Above, say a prayer and give it to God daily

P.s. Love hard but love that limits isn’t love at all!!!

This year impossible is a myth, I am capable of fulfilling my dreams and achieving all I set out to achieve this year and so are you!

Happy New Year