Corporate Ties: The Visit

‘You lying son of a bitch’ Teju screamed as she threw a pot my way.
I barely missed it but was rewarded with the huge clang it made as it hit the wall behind me. ‘I’ll kill you’ she yelled, I moved towards her and the knife I hadn’t seen her hold went into my stomach, I watched the blood spill as…

‘Shit!’ I hissed as I jolted back to reality. Another late night at work and I’d nodded off in the staff lounge. I hadn’t recovered from the shock of seeing Lana again or the fear of Teju and my boss finding out about us. It didn’t help that Lana had slipped her number to me while Teju had made a quick trip to ladies room.
I was torn between calling her and burning the damn card with her number on it.
I grabbed a mug and hurriedly made myself a cup of coffee. I had a ton of work waiting for me and an impossible deadline to meet,dwelling on my woman trouble wouldn’t exactly get the work done, I thought to myself as walked back to my desk.

*** *** *** *** ***

I heard her before I saw her, her soft accented voice as she came down the hall. Lana was here, at work, after hours, phone held to her ear, eyes bright and looking as stunning as ever. She threw me a glance and walked into her father’s office.
My heart did a couple of somersaults despite my attempts to ignore the fact that she was here.
If only she wasn’t so beautiful… And smart… And articulate… And…
‘Yes father, now please let’s leave, it’s bad enough that I had to pick you up this late…’ She said as walked out of Mr Grant’s office.
‘Well darling, how else would I get home?’
They both laughed as they made their way to the elevator.

‘ Good night Feyi, I see you intend to slave away for a while longer’ came Mr Grant’s voice as he stepped into the lift.

‘ Uh yes goodnight sir’ I said not daring to look up.

I stared hard at my laptop waiting patiently for the elevator door to close. I didn’t realize I’d been holding my breath till I heard the bell signifying the lift was heading down.
She hadn’t said a word to me. Perhaps, she hated me for not calling. After all it has been a week since the dinner but I was right not to, I mean, I’m not equipped for an affair? Doesn’t help that she’s the boss’s daughter, my job’d be on the line, and then there’s Teju…

I jumped out of my seat. There Lana was standing in front of me.
‘Calm down, it’s just me’ she said
‘I came back up to get daddy’s jacket’ she said moving closer to my table.
‘Also, why haven’t you called me yet? I don’t bite you know’ she said as she walked into her father’s office. I wasn’t sure whether to follow or stay put but she was out before I made up my mind.
‘ So daddy’s out of town this weekend, business I suspect’ she said as she jotted on my notepad.
‘Come over, let’s talk, don’t see why we can’t be civil towards each other hon’ she winked
‘ Yes, yes, you’re right I’m sorry’ I muttered.
‘ He speaks at last’
‘I’m sorry, I was a bit… Well I wasn’t expecting to see you here’ I blurted.
‘My father does work here you know, besides if you weren’t so busy avoiding me, you would’ve known’ she said rolling her beautiful eyes at me.
‘ Anyways, be a sport, come keep me company on saturday, let’s at least talk’ she smiled sweetly.
‘Besides you make a mean conversation when you’re not tongue-tied and playing the shy card’ she said as she turned and walked away, leaving me to stare at the address she’d given me.


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